Auspex Pipeline

Installations should be carried out in accordance with accepted plumbing practices and instructions provided in this manual where practical. However, the installer should also be aware of local authority codes and by-laws relevant to plumbing, which take precedence over these guidelines in any area where they vary.

The requirements of the National Plumbing Codes (A.S/NZS. 3500 1.1/2 and 3500. 4.1/2 ) should also be adhered to.

The PE-X pipe has significantly better temperature/pressure than most other plastic materials.


Pressure derating of pipes according to pipe material temperature
Temperature Higher
are possible, please contact Auspex.
  20ºC 40ºC 60ºC 80ºC
Working pressure, kPa
PN 16 1600 1480 1280 1050
Working pressure, P.S.I.
PN 16 232 214 186 161

If the above tables are likely to be exceeded, refer to table 4.2. in A.S/NZS 3500 4.2 for valve installation requirements. Eg. Cold water expansion valves and/or pressure limiting valves. Contact Auspex if necessary.