Auspex Radiant

Tool Adjustment

Incorrect adjustment can cause under-crimping and failure of the joint.

1. Ensure all moving parts are kept well lubricated regularly.

2. Open the handles fully.

3. Using a 3mm allen key, loosen (but don’t unscrew full) the locking bolt.

4. Using a screwdriver, rotate the adjusting screw by 45 degrees or quarter turn clockwise.

5. The adjusting screw has 4 flat faces in a square shape for the locking bolt to fix on. Therefore the adjusting screw must always be vertical or horizontal in orientation and never at an angle or the locking bolt will damage it.

6. Retighten the locking bolt. 7. Crimp a new trial joint as a test away from the working location and test with the gauge. 8. If OK, continue to use the tool. If the gauge fails, repeat adjustment until trail crimped joint is correct. More detailed instructions are included with the tool.