Auspex Radiant

Self-Quote Service

To conduct your own basic quote/estimation of the project the following process is advised:

Step 1

Determine the total heated floor area required. Calculate each room size and deduct any unheated floor area such as cupboards, benches, fixtures, robes etc. Once each room size has been determined, add all together to get a total heated floor area in metres squared.



Step 2

As an estimator’s guide for quoting purposes only, please see the following table as an example to establish what kit size is right for your project. This formula works on every 1m2 requires 5.5m of pipe, therefore allowing a 10% factor for flow and return etc. (If all couplings in slab are to be avoided each circuit will need to be calculated separately.)

Kit Size Heated Floor Area Sq. Mtr Pipe Length Smartclips / Boxes
4 80m2 440mtrs 800 clips = 2 boxes
5 100m2 550mtrs 1000 clips = 2 boxes
6 120m2 660mtrs 1200 clips = 2 boxes
7 140m2 770mtrs 1400 clips = 3 boxes
8 160m2 880mtrs 1600 clips = 3 boxes
9 180m2 990mtrs 1800 clips = 3 boxes
10 200m2 1100mtrs 2000 clips = 4 boxes
11 220m2 1210mtrs 2200 clips = 4 boxes
12 240m2 1320mtrs 2400 clips = 4 boxes

The above allowances are calculated on each circuit being a max. 100 mtrs / 20 sq mtr total. Auspex has the common sized manifolds as in bold above, if your job requires an in between size, manifold caps will be supplied for closing the unused ports.


Step 3

Once you have your kit size established please consider the below factors that may be included in your quote:

  • Electrical / wiring controls
  • Boiler and flue requirements
  • Gas requirements
  • Zone controls
  • Flow and return piping (Auspex Radiant MLP recommended)

If you require further assistance with this, see the Reece trained staff or contact an Auspex Representative.