Auspex Radiant

Step 1


Assemble the mixer and pump station, as per enclosed instructions.

IMPORTANT: Always ensure that the screed has sufficient time to cure and dry before applying heat into the system. You must allow at least a minimum of 28 days for the concrete to dry.

Step 2

Connect the supply from the boiler to the mixer inlet and the return to the boiler from the mixer outlet, using the adaptors in the kit and Auspex pre-insulated pipe, supplied separately. To prevent misuse of system water, fit Auspex printed sheathing, supplied separately.

Step 3

Ensure all manifold circuit flow and return valves are closed.

Step 4

When the Bosch boiler and all associated controls, wiring and pipe work have been filled, tested and connected to the mixer and pump station you can proceed to start up the system. Check that the whole system pressure is up to 150 kPa. Repressurise from the Bosch boiler if the pressure is too low.

Step 5

Turn up the room thermostat until a demand for heat is recognised. The Bosch boiler and UFH pump should start.

IMPORTANT: work on one loop at a time. Check the Auspex Radiant design CAD drawing for the relevant flow rate in l/min for the particular circuit you are working on. Adjust the flow meter gradually by lifting up the cap and turning the valve anti clockwise until the required flow rate is achieved.

IMPORTANT: Check the return pipe to make sure it is getting warm. Write the flow rate onto the supplied Auspex Radiant test certificate for future reference.

Step 5a


Lift black cap.

Step 5b


Turn flow meter anit-clockwise.

Step 5c


Push down black cap.

Step 6

Repeat this for all circuits until all return pipes are getting warm.

TIP: If any of the flow meters are bouncing up and down then this is a sign of air in the system. If after a while this fails to stop then shut down system, close off main isolators and repeat the filling procedure again.