Duopex Gas

Duopex Gas fittings

The DUOPEX GAS fittings are manufactured from dezincification resistance (DR) brass with a stainless steel crimp ring and joined to the pipe using a precision and specific crimping tool.

The fittings have been tested in accordance with ATS 5200.478. The testing requirements of this technical specification match those in AS4176. The fittings carry watermark and licence number 21069.

To increase joint performance all DUOPEX GAS crimp fittings are characterised by a plastic holding ring which has 2 important functions:

  1. As a locating ring that matches the DUOPEX GAS jaws for a perfect crimp position.
  2. It allows the installer to visually check when the pipe is correctly fitted on the fitting.

These pipe fittings are available for DUOPEX GAS in sizes ranging from 16 to 63mm.

DUOPEX GAS crimp fittings are classified as a permanent joint in accordance with AS 5601.