Duopex Gas

Duopex Gas pipes must be protected against

  • Direct contact with bitumen or bitumen strips.
  • Pipes must be protected against greases, solvents and oils.
  • Contaminated areas as defined by AS5601 and AS3500.

If the DUOPEX GAS pipe installation system is used in areas where, for example, aggressive gases, permanently acting moistures or building materials containing chlorine are to be encountered, the FITTINGS have to be protected using suitable jacketing. This also applies to contact with screed, concrete, mortar or plaster.

Always consult the manufacturer for details.

The pipes have been tested in accordance with ATS 5200.478, which was written to address the dimensional limitations within AS4176. The testing requirements of this technical specification match those in AS4176. The pipes carry standards mark and licence number 21044.