Duopex Water

Chemical resistance

The chemical properties of polyethylene are significantly improved by the cross-linking process.

DUOPEX WATER Pipes are resistant to the following media:

  • Concrete, plaster, mortar, and cement.
  • Disinfectants and cleaning agents according to DVGW worksheet W 291 and DIN 2000.
  • All natural potable water constituents.
  • Corrosion – protection agents according to DIN 1988  part 4.

DUOPEX WATER pipes must be protected against

  • Direct contact with bitumen or bitumen strips.
  • Pipes must be protected against greases, solvents and oils.
  • Contaminated areas as defined in AS3500.

If the DUOPEX WATER pipe and fittings installation system is used in areas where, for example, aggressive gases, permanently acting moistures or building materials containing chlorine are to be encountered, the FITTINGS have to be protected using suitable jacketing. This also applies to contact with screed, concrete, mortar or plaster.

Always consult the manufacturer for details.

The pipes and fittings have been certified in accordance with AS4176.