Duopex Water

Duopex water fittings

DUOPEX WATER fittings are manufactured from dezincification resistance (DR) brass with a stainless steel crimp ring and joined to the pipe using a specific precision crimping tool.

The DUOPEX WATER pipe and fittings system can be used below ground in accordance with AS3500 part 1 & part 4.

The fittings have been certified in accordance with AS4176 and carries Watermark Licence No 21069.

If the DUOPEX WATER pipe and fittings installation system is used in areas where, for example, aggressive gases, permanently acting moistures or building materials containing chlorine are to be encountered, the FITTINGS have to be protected using suitable jacketing.

This also applies to contact with screed, concrete, mortar or plaster.

To increase joint performance, all DUOPEX WATER crimp fittings are characterized by a blue plastic holding ring which has 3 important functions:

  1. A blue locating ring that matches the DUOPEX WATER jaws for a perfect crimp position.
  2. It allows the installer to visually check when the pipe is correctly fitted on the fitting.
  3. The fitting has a blue plastic locating ring to identify the fitting is for hot and cold water installations only.

These pipe fittings are available for DUOPEX WATER in sizes ranging from 32 to 63mm.

The DUOPEX GAS Fittings and DUOPEX WATER Fittings have different O Ring compositions that are specific to their purpose. The yellow holding ring indicates O Rings for GAS and the blue holding rings indicates O Rings for WATER. Use the correct fitting for each application. This must be strictly adhered to.