Duopex Water

Uncontrolled heat sources

In the case of uncontrolled heat sources, i.e slow combustion stoves, water heating coils, wet back boilers, solar, or the like, DUOPEX WATER Pipe should not be used. The primary flow and return on these types of heaters should not be installed in DUOPEX WATER Pipe.

Secondary flow and returns must be controlled so that the temperature/pressure requirements are not exceeded.

In the interest of safe temperatures and to protect the user, tempering valves should be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3500 4.2.

When using solar systems, installers should consult with manufacturers to ensure that water leaving the storage facilities does not exceed the performance capabilities of the pipe. Primary flow and returns should not be installed in DUOPEX WATER Pipe and secondary flow and returns must be controlled.


ISO 21003 allows PEX/AL/PEX pipes to be used at 1000kPa at a temperature of 95°c. For applications in excess of 1000kPa, please consult with your Duopex representative.

Because Duopex has both synthetic layers made of PE-X, Duopex is not subject to the temperature limitations imposed by AS 4176 on multi layer pipes that have one or more layers of PE rather than PE-X.