Auspex Radiant

The SmartClips form part of the Auspex Radiant system to secure the pipe to the reinforcing mesh. The clips are attached to the mesh using the SmartClip tool which allows for installation in the upright position, reducing strain on the back. The pipe is then laid into the clips, creating a secure connection to the mesh whilst keeping the pipe raised above and away from its potentially abrasive surface. But the key advantage to the SmartClip system is its speed. Laying the pipe with SmartClips saves hours on an installation.

Step 1

2.8 Installation Step 1

Adjust the height of the tool to allow its use in the upright position, by lifting up the adjustment clip to allow the tool to raise or lower as needed. When the desired height is set, push the adjustment clip back down to lock in place.

Step 2

2.8 Installation Step 2

Load the clips into the tool, with the smaller diameter profile pointing downwards.

Step 3

2.8 Installation Step 3

Locate the grooves in the base of the tool on the intersection of the reinforcing mesh. Push downwards on the tool handle to attach the clip to the mesh.

Step 4

2.8 Installation Step 4

Insert the pipe into the clips, with the pipe feeding from behind, and step the pipe into the clips to attach.


Step 5

2.8 Installation Step 5

When using the serpentine method, use feet to form bends before stepping into end clip.

Step 6

2.8 Installation Step 6

Space clips 600 mm (3 mesh squares) apart along the pipe runs, or more often where more support is needed e.g. along walls, long pipe runs, and around bends.