Auspex Radiant

Step 1

Check all components in the pack against the checklist supplied in the box.

Step 2

Find all the required information from the detailed circuit floor plan layout (supplied by Auspex Radiant if requested).

Step 3

2.4Installation Step 3

Locate the manifold and install using the manifold stand supplied. At this point, consider where supply and return lines for the boiler are to be run. If running these under the concrete, allowance needs to be made.

Step 4

If not already done, mark out walls, doorways, fixed benches and sanitary fixtures. Then if needed, mark piping flow and returns in a different colour or method.

IMPORTANT: Lay pipe a minimum of 15cm from walls and route the pipe loops through doorways to prevent nails from damaging pipe work when wall plates are secured to the concrete.

Step 5

2.4 Installation Step 5

Adjust the clip tool to a height that allows you to operate it when standing upright. Load clips in the tool.

Step 6

2.4 Installation Step 7

Fix clips onto the mesh by pushing down firmly on the handle.

IMPORTANT: The mesh is spaced at 200mm wire centres. If you wish to lay pipes at 300mm centres then you need to fix at every 1.5 mesh squares.

Step 7

2.4 Installation Step 4

Walk around the area fixing the clips at the required pipe centres. Space the clips at three mesh squares along straight runs, or at closer spacing where more support is needed.

Step 8

Load the first pipe coil onto the decoiler and bring one end to the manifold. Feed the pipe gently up behind the lower manifold leaving enough length to allow for crimping and connecting the hose tail. Affix a red flow sticker with the corresponding circuit number to the pipe.

Step 9

2.5 Installation Step 9

Provide support to the pipe and a neat and even fit off to the manifold using Auspex bend stabilisers.

Step 10a

2.5 Installation Step 10

Start laying the pipe for the first circuit. Ensure you form bends carefully with your hands and work the pipe around rather than forcing it.

Step 10b

2.5 Installation Step 10a

To avoid bowing pipe it is best to feed the pipe from behind and step it into the clips.

Step 11

Return to the manifold and feed the pipe gently up behind the lower manifold. Cut pipe leaving enough length for crimping and connecting the hose tail. Affix a blue return sticker with the corresponding circuit number to the pipe.

Step 12

2.5 Installation Step 12

Repeat steps 8 to 11 for all circuits.

Step 13

2.5 Installation Step 13

Start by connecting the first pipe coil to the manifold. Cut the pipe square with a suitable plastic pipe cutter.

IMPORTANT: Do not cut with a hack saw.

Step 14a

2.6 Installation Step 14a

Connect the Auspex manifold hose tail connector to the pipe.

Step 14b

2.6 Installation Step 14b

Push the pipe into the fitting until firm and the pipe is visible in the viewing circle. Crimp using the Auspex crimp tool.

Step 15

2.6 Installation Step 15

Tighten the hose tail fitting onto the manifold using a suitable spanner. Check rubber washer is in place prior to fitting and replace with spare if needed.

Step 16

2.6 Installation Step 16

Using the room label stickers supplied in the kit, affix a sticker with the most suitable name to each circuit.

Step 17

2.6 Installation Step 17

Repeat steps 13 to 16 for all circuits.