Duopex Gas

It is most important that the tool manual supplied with the tool is read in its entirety and the user becomes familiar with the maintenance, precautions and the proper use of this tool.

The following describes, in general terms, the jointing procedures using the AUSPEX Mini Tool but should not be regarded as a substitute for reading and applying the detailed instructions contained in the tool manual.

Step 1

Ensure that the battery is fully charged and attach it to the tool.

Step 2


Select the jaw size to suit the fitting to be crimped. The jaws must be examined in terms of possible damage, or dirt in the compression area.

Step 3

To change the jaw push the pin in and at the same time twist it in an anti-clockwise direction. The pin should then spring back. Push the pin through the hole in the jaw until it locks in position. To ensure correct performance, ensure pin is kept well lubricated.

Step 4

Insert the jaws and line up the holes in the tool with the hole in the jaw.

Step 5

Push the pin through the hole in the jaw until it locks in position.

Step 6


Cut the pipe to the required length with the recommended multi layer pipe cutters.

Step 7a


Clean the pipe by using the deburring tool. Insert the calibrating tool into the pipe, and alternately turn in a clockwise and in a counter-clockwise direction. OR

Step 7b


Insert the calibrating/deburring tool into the pipe, and then alternately turn in a clockwise and in a counter-clockwise direction.

Step 8


Insert the pipe into the fitting and under the stainless steel ring and push the pipe until it is visible in the slots of the plastic ring. This ensures you have pushed the pipe home.

Step 9


By squeezing the back of the jaw the jaws will open. If you look at the machined profile on the inside of the jaws you will note a slot on each side of the profile.

Step 10


With the jaws open place the fitting inside the jaws so that the raised section of the plastic ring fits into the slot in the jaws. Release the jaws so they fit snugly over the fitting ensuring that the raised section of the plastic ring fit into the slots in the jaw.

Step 11


Press the switch mechanism until the joint is completed and the piston has retracted back into the body of the tool.

Step 12


Press the back end of the jaws and remove the completed joint.