Duopex Water

Installation should be carried out in accordance with accepted plumbing practices and instructions provided in this manual where practical. However, the installer should also be aware of local authority codes and by-laws relevant to plumbing, which take precedence over these guidelines in any area where they vary.

The requirements of the National Plumbing Codes (AS/NZS 3500.1 and AS/NZS 3500.4) should also be adhered to.

The DUOPEX WATER pipe and fittings system is designed to make every job quicker and easier. It provides a revolutionary alternative for the professional plumber.

This manual is for the introduction of large bore potable water pipe and fittings system with sizes ranging from 32mm to 63mm. This system can be used in conjunction with the Auspex potable water system in sizes ranging from 16mm to 25mm. Use recommended AUSPEX to DUOPEX WATER conversion adaptors or approved threaded connections.

The system is designed to use the same power tools and jaws that are used on the DUOPEX GAS system 32mm to 63mm and the Auspex hot and cold potable water system, 16mm to 25mm.

To enable adaption from multi-layer pipe to Auspex (PE-X) pipe a series of conversion couplings are available, e.g. 32mm multi layer pipe to 25mm Auspex pipe